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makesense is launching Energies for Climate. This mobilization around energy transition aims to accelerate the identification, valorization and support of innovative solutions that allow everyone to have access to the energy that they need to live well while combating climate change and preserving our environment.

Energy : “for better or worse”

“For better or worse”. This consecrated statement devoted to the union of two parts has found no better example than the one of the marriage which the world attended in the 18th century.

Then, the population witnessed the union of coal and steam, triggering for the better a prodigious progress in accessibility and use of energy, allowing technological, economic and social advances like never before. However, several centuries later, the worst was yet to come: this union became the greatest factor of the climatic disruption that is now impacting the world’s climate.

Human activities since the industrial revolution, those that allow us to travel and feed, house and dress ourselves today, release enough greenhouse gases to have a growing influence on the climate and Earth’s temperature.

The ongoing climate change will not only produce Indian summers and warm winters, it can lead to, among other things, aggravated climatic phenomena, disruption of many ecosystems, migration crises and population movements. Scientists forecast lots of alarming scenarios if we don’t take action immediately.

Energy transition for sustainable development

Energy is crucial to reach most of the UN Sustainable Development Goals; from its role in the eradication of poverty through advancements in health, education or economic development, to combating climate change through the development of clean energies.

CO2 is one of the main greenhouse gases responsible for the greenhouse effect. It accounts for 63% of the global warming caused by humans and 80% of that CO2 comes from the burning of fossil fuels that have allowed and still allow the exponential development of societies.

Therefore we urgently need to rethink the way we produce and consume energy if we want to be able to combine both growing energy demand and more and more pressing social and environmental issues.

How do we take action ?

“ Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

As individuals, we often feel that we are too small to solve global issues.We are very small, indeed. But do you know the hummingbird effect?

Collaboration is our very best ally. It enhances the invention of unexpected yet critical solutions to find new models of more humane and sustainable development.

The good news is that many of us are ready to take action!

Alternatives exist, they grow everywhere, thanks to new technologies and the creativity of citizens, entrepreneurs, and researchers, who invent new solutions every day that make us collectively strive for a brighter future.

We are launching the Energies for Climate program to support these initiatives, and allow any individual or player sharing the same vision to take action and identify, support and create solutions and impactful projects.

We believe that together, we have the resources and the creativity to create and support transformative solutions that will enable everyone to have access to the energy they need to build a good life, while fighting climate change and preserving our environment.

And it starts right now.

What is this program concretely?

We identified 3 key challenges that we want to tackle collectively:

  • How do we transform and diversify the way we produce energy, towards the development of low-carbon, decentralized energy production ?
  • How do we transform the way we consume energy, to promote consumption patterns and uses that preserve our resources and our quality of life?
  • How do we ensure that energy is locally accessible (both financially and technically speaking) to any citizen?

And how can we do that? Watch this short video of Maud and Olivier, our two referents for the campaign.

Do you want to know more about the program? Join our Facebook Group or contact Maud: maud(at)makesense.org

Do you want to know more about the SenseTour of Olivier? Contact him: olivier(at)makesense.org

Already convinced? For the most passionate, those who want to take action right now and begin to launch an Energies for Climate campaign in their city, we invite you to become an ambassador of mobilization. Watch this!

Apply (before March 26th) to our MOOC to become an Ambassador!

And many other ways to get involved…

Join our Facebook tribe to get inspired, discuss and share your experiences around energy transition issues!

If you know or develop an innovative project in the field of energy transition, help us source them!

This is only the beginning… And it begins with YOU!

The Energies for Climate campaign, is launched by makesense, in partnership with EDF.