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Our primary mission is to accelerate the impact of social entrepreneurs, through different means: citizen support, design-thinking workshops, acceleration programs and more!

_Who are the social entrepreneurs?

Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing issues.

We believe in their ability to create sustainable models to solve social and environnemental issues.

Our mission is to help social entrepreneurs develop and scale their projets.

_Some examples of social entrepreneurs

Roger Voice

Problem(s) Identified
•The Syrian refugee crisis, specifically targeting educated bilingual syrians. For those resettled there is few work permits/significant employment barriers.

•Inaccessibility of learning colloquial arabic: Students cannot easily find classes that are tailored to their level, budget and schedule, and/or focused enough on conversation. Traveling to the Middle East is costly and frequently seen as risky.

•Natakallam pairs arabic learners around the world to displaced Syrians for language practice over the web.
•Refugees earning a wage for teaching foreigners Arabic
•Foreigners learning Arabic at a very competitive prices.

Business Model
Pay-Forward model
15$ / hour – 5 $ goes to Natakallam to sustain themselves

They created a new need
They are using an existing technology, which is Skype
It allows people to learn arabic from the comfort of their own homes

Problem(s) Identified
Despite the advent of internet and other communication channels, phone calls are still mandatory in a lot of situations.

•With the aging of the population, more and more people are concerned with deafness

•Roger voice is an application that helps the deaf and hearing impaired people to give and receive phone calls.
•The application enables the user to have access to automatic, instant, and private transcriptions of what the person you called is saying

Business Model
•It is free to use at certain times of the day
•Two subscription fees will be added to unlock additional sections
•In-app ads

•Include deafs and hard of hearing people by allowing them to take and give calls.
•Boost the independence of the users and open up opportunities for them.
•Create an algorithm which is capable of traducing in real time what the people say !

Problem(s) Identified
The lack of shoes is a curb for the access to education, and a threat for the youth health and proper development

Toms provides shoes for all the poor children of the world, to avoid infections and help them walk safely, to go to school for instance. They are helping those children and their communities to have access to this basic need.

Business Model
•Toms matches every pair of shoes purchased with a new pair of shoes for a child in need. Buy one, give one.
•They are also replicating the concept with other necessary products such as glasses.

•Toms developed a freemium offer:
•They sell their shoes in shops to customers (premium) who will finance the distribution of shoes for people in need (free). → business model innovation
•Their clients are not just simple clients who consume for themselves; by buying Toms shoes they are having an impact.

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