makesense Lebanon

The journey to increase your impact

Personalized and innovative programs to guide social entrepreneurs in their path

We developed cutting-edge methods to support entrepreneurs at different stages (from ideation to acceleration) through workshops, trainings, community support, bootcamps, online resources, collective intelligence, design thinking, as well as financial support or legal advisory.

At makesense, we believe the community is key and that’s why we always make sure that social entrepreneurs are well connected to the ecosystem before we give them the right tools to thrive.

Our support to entrepreneurs

Technical support

Hard and soft trainings to strengthen entrepreneurs knowledge

Financial support

Depending on the program, social entrepreneurs might receive grants that help them fund their projects activities

Coaching & mentoring

Social entrepreneurs are matched with coaches and mentors throughout the programs to advise them on specific topics and themes

Community & collaboration

One of our core values – we invite entrepreneurs to meet, network and connect with potential partners, and we facilitate the creation of collaboraction – a collaboration that creates impact

Community of entrepreneurs