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The journey to increase your impact

We design personalized and innovative programs to guide social entrepreneurs in their path. We developed cutting-edge methods to support entrepreneurs at different stages (from ideation to acceleration) through workshops, trainings, community support, bootcamps, online resources, collective intelligence, design thinking, as well as financial support or legal advisory.

At makesense, we believe the community is key and that’s why we always make sure that social entrepreneurs are well connected to the ecosystem before we give them the right tools to thrive.

Events and programs for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs meetup

A two-hours meeting that gathers about 10 social project holders, animated by a makesense facilitator. Connect with other social entrepreneurs who have similar challenges and thematics than yours, exchange tips, advice and contacts and learn from other participant’s experiences.

Meetups are created for Social entrepreneurs who have already launched their project, and are part of or want to join the makesense community.

Let’s gather in a convivial, kind and caring atmosphere with a drink and some bites, to realise that we are not alone carrying those challenges!


The SPRINT is an early-stage incubation program that is short, collective and accessible to anyone. It gathers 15 social entrepreneurs on a 8 weeks journey to develop their project. Each SPRINT includes theoretical and practical content, personalised coaching and peer-to-peer activities.

Bootcamp & acceleration program

The makesense bootcamp is a 3-week program based on 3 tracks: personal development, project development, and prototype phase.

We run impact-driven incubators. From transforming early stages initiatives into real businesses, or helping existing businesses to scale, we accompany social entrepreneurs all along their growth path. Once again, we tend to base our support on the community, by involving citizens and collective intelligence methods in our incubation path. We provide mentoring, consultancy, support in attracting funding, community and network building, workshops in Lebanon and abroad.


A creativity workshop designed to build concrete solutions to the challenges social entrepreneurs are facing. With the Hold Up, makesense is connecting social entrepreneurs with like-minded citizens providing cutting edge ideas from the community to accelerate their project. This 2-h workshop gather active citizens around a table to brainstorm and create solutions to a social entrepreneurs challenge.

Participants are led by a facilitator who is using specific design-thinking and collective intelligence methods to drive the group.

Entrepreneurs portfolio

For 8 years, makesense has been supporting more than 4 000 social entrepreneurs across the world. In Lebanon, we are very proud to have supported around 60 social entrepreneurs over the past 4 years to accelerate their business and grow their impact.

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