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We design impact programs and spark collaborations between engaged citizens, social entrepreneurs and forward-thinking organisations to collectively tackle the social and environmental issues of today.

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In 2019, makesense is run by a team of 90 people with regional offices based in 7 cities: Paris, Mexico, Dakar, Manila, Beirut, Lima and Abidjan.

We offer citizens a path to learn, gather and take action. We accelerate their journey by connecting them with like-minded people and experts of their ecosystem.

We support entrepreneurs with a network to growth and methodologies to thrive. makesense’s for entrepreneurs is a laboratory to kickstart, accelerate and scale up impact projects to the next level.

We help institutions and organizations to bring more purpose in what they do, from their internal organization and culture, to their brand communication and their business activities.

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WAYNAK (Where are you?) is the first documentary produced by makesense that lets you discover the positive out of the refugee crisis through the social entrepreneurs who are developing short, middle and long-term solutions to the crisis.

Watch Waynak and meet incredible social entrepreneurs from Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, France, Germany, United Kingdom and more… 


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