makesense Lebanon

makesense inspires and empowers citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations to collectively build an inclusive and sustainable society

Since 2015, we have managed to lead citizens and social entrepreneurs down the path of change and transformation. From local challenges to regional themes, we equip people from all backgrounds with the tools they need to engage communities in their own way.

What inspires us


Our mission is to unlock the potential of social & environmental stakeholders for them to solve the issues they care about.


We believe that collaboration and collective intelligence are the key to rise to today’s social & environmental challenges and that everyone in society has a role to play.


We are driven by the joy of taking action together, the will of building mutual trust, the curiosity to learn & understand and the audacity to test and contribute.

Almost 15 years after its creation in France, makesense has become an ecosystem of local hubs united by the mission of empowering impact stakeholders

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