makesense Lebanon

Our programs for entrepreneurs and citizens

We design and run programs for entrepreneurs and citizens for them to take action towards more social & environmental impact using human-centered and participative approaches

We believe that any individual has the capacity to be an agent for positive social change in their own communities if they are surrounded by the right people and have access to the needed tools. At makesense, we developed cutting-edge methods to support entrepreneurs at different stages (from ideation to growth) through our incubation programs. We also believe the community is key, and the connection amongst the social entrepreneurs and the ecosystem are at the core of our programs.

What our programs entail for entrepreneurs and organizations

Technical support

Hard and soft trainings to strengthen entrepreneurs knowledge

Financial support

Depending on the program, social entrepreneurs might receive grants that help them fund their projects activities

Coaching & mentoring

Social entrepreneurs are matched with coaches and mentors throughout the programs to advise them on specific topics and themes

Community & collaboration

One of our core values – we invite entrepreneurs to meet, network and connect with potential partners, and we facilitate the creation of collaboraction – a collaboration that creates impact

Our programs for entrepreneurs and organizations

2020 – present
The OMDI program supports local social entrepreneurs in spreading their impact wider and deeper to build a more inclusive and sustainable society in Lebanon.

Funder : Institut Français du Liban, Centre de Crise et de Soutien

2022 – present
The TABADOL program supports Civil Society Organizations to develop creative solutions to sustain the transformational change they are leading in their communities (Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Syria).

Funder : The Asfari Foundation

The Kater El Kheir program supported grass root citizen-led projects born after the Beirut blast on August 4, 2020.

Funder : Fondation des Cedres, Adyan Foundation, Mada

The DAREB program supported micro entrepreneurs in the Bekaa region of Lebanon.

Funder : YMCA, the Asfari Foundation

The HALAQA for Entrepreneurs program supported social businesses working in the circular economy value chain and helped them create employment through accelerated workshops and enterprise support.

Funder : Bloom

2023 – 2024
The Emdad program supported the creation of new social entrepreneurs and the strengthening of existing ones to tackle Lebanon’s widespread unemployment and address urgent local socio-economic needs.

Funder : International Labor Organization Arab States

What our programs entail for citizens

makesense began with communities of citizens all around the world who wanted to help social entrepreneurs develop solutions to global challenges It was their way of having an impact on their community and the world. With time, more and more citizens and social entrepreneurs joined, creating a global network of thousands of engaged people. Through their journey, citizens were joining community programs to meet like-minded people and tackle the challenges they care most about.  

The HALAQA for citizens program was an online program on circular economy that aimed to improve the understanding of environmental and social engagement, discuss information on the topics of circular economy, waste and social entrepreneurship and support local examples of circular economy projects.

Funder : AFD

The BUSMAH online program was developed during lockdown to empower citizens who wanted to create concrete impact from their own homes. It helped citizens meet others and launch initiatives to help others.

Funder : Fondation des Cedres

2019 – 2020
From Idea to Action was developed in partnership with the Lebanese University as a 4-course program to equip students with the needed tools and inspiration to develop their ideas and start implementing their impact journey.

Funder : Fondation des Cedres

The first MOOC on social entrepreneurship in Arabic that was filmed and released in Lebanon and the MENA region. The Mooc supported aspiring and current social entrepreneurs, both online and offline, to develop their projects further and created links between community members to foster collaboration.

Funder : Fondation des Cedres

The SenseTech supported citizens in developing technological innovations for environmental impact.

Funder : Fondation des Cedres

The SenseTour supported citizens in launching their own social enterprises in several cities in Lebanon.

Funder : Fondation des Cedres