makesense Lebanon

Our services for organizations

We assist organizations in their initiatives to contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable society by offering curated services

In addition to the human-centered programs we design and implement, makesense also provides external services to forward thinking organizations in several fields including but not limited to facilitation, coaching, and organizational structure and management consultancy. Each of these services can be provided to the organizations’ internal teams and to their beneficiaries.

Our services


makesense mastered the art of content and process facilitation, and has been offering it to clients for more than a decade. Through our facilitation methodology, we help organizations develop impact programs with their teams and support them with the facilitation (of the beneficiaries, experts and team members). 


makesense offers coaching sessions to social entrepreneurs and civil society organizations that were selected in programs designed by the ecosystem partners. 

Organizational Structure and management consultancy

makesense supports partner organizations with their team structure and team management during the development of their programs and during its implementation to help them maximize their impact on the ground.